Case Study: Custom Leather Patch Hats

custom leather patch hats
custom leather patch hat for antibrand grey hat

This month, one of our clients reached out to see if we could add their logo to one of our hats. They wanted to get a set for their team to boost company morale and show off their team pride. 

In general our hats are embroidered, but that's not where our offering ends! Adding a logo on top of a leather patch can help it stand out against the background and keep a classy, handmade look for your brand. 

Here is how the process went:

choose your hat style from our premium line of patch hats

Step One: Choose a Hat Style

To get started, we sent our client a list of over 20 hat styles. These range from our premium hat line, to our performance, athletic, and lifestyle series. We're also capable of customizing beanies and visors. 

multicolored hat options

Step Two: Choose a Color

Each hat style has its own selection of colors - some more than others. We knew that this client wanted a neutral or black hat, and went with a dark grey to get the same effect (but a little more unique). 

Step Three: Add a Logo

Once we had the base, all we needed was their logo! We took their predesigned logo, and our design team make it "hat-ready." Because of the customization area, we needed to thicken some of the team under the main AntiBrand text to make sure it was crisp and legible from a distance. 


We love how these hats came out! AntiBrand said that they loved how the logo came out, and said it was the best fitting snapback they had ever tried! 

If you'd like to have hats made for your business or team, or even if you'd like to start a conversation, contact us today.